Here's the original tablature from Moto Perpetuo for Expert Guitar. I spent many months (years?) memorizing and practicing this through-composed guitar part, which consists of 3,473 mostly-non-repeating notes. (Please note that every time I've counted the notes, I've gotten a different number, so that might not be exactly right.)

The tablature is missing the simple four-measure intro, and the first two measures are different, so it syncs up at 0:14 with the third transcribed measure (the first 6/8 measure).

Each measure/phrase uses only five distinct notes so it will map perfectly into Rock Band guitar. In many cases it goes for longer than just a measure, as in the first page, where the same set of notes are used for a group of 3 measures, then a different set of notes are used for the next measure, repeat. (There is an exception to 5-note-per-phrase; the page with the circled "3" uses 6 notes per phrase.)

This is the original draft I wrote down while composing. This guitar part was written first, and it was written straight through from beginning to end. I wrote the notes down with a ballpoint pen, so corrections are very ugly and sometimes unreadable.

The four measure intro was written later, at the same time the first two measures were rewritten (to make them easier to play on real guitar, so I'd have a gimmee to warm me into it). This draft does include a tiny number of later changes; I'd attempted to make sure that the last note of a note set was a different color in Rock Band from the first note of the next set, but I missed a few, and changed them later on this original draft. — Sean